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Last Dance

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A more sultry Dusky Blush with a hint of Nougat, this is a vintage and gorgeous pairing that you'll love.

Luxurious and practical, Frenchic Chalk Wall Paint is a washable, ultra matte chalk wall paint with very little odour. With superior coverage, this revolutionary product will enhance any room it happens to grace. Applied in only 1-2 coats, it is breathable and durable yet still maintains all the beautiful and unique qualities you would expect from Frenchic. As with most of our other products it is EN 71:3* certified and is ideal for painting nurseries and children's rooms. PLUS .....our Wall Paint now has the protocol to paint interior wooden flooring, even concrete and laminate too! Just make sure your surface is in good condition and clean and dry and away you go! (Don't walk on it for approx 4 hours and wear socks until it's fully cured after 7 days).